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Please take note that under no circumstances will software be credited. Therefore kindly ensure that orders have been placed correctly. See license descriptions below.

DSP: Licensing only for new PCs/Servers – cannot be sold loose to end customer and must be pre-installed in a new system, licenses are not transferable to new hardware – 1 license = 1 device

FPP: Retail packaged product – can be sold loose to end user, licenses transferable – 1 license = 1 device, with the exception of Office 365

ESD: Electronic Software Delivery – Virtual Stock delivered via link in email. Microsoft Live ID required to activate. No credit allowed under any circumstances

CSP: Cloud Solutions Provider – Licensing of the Microsoft cloud solutions, billed either annually or monthly. Also licenced for end customer. Activation directly on the Microsoft portal. No physical media

Volume Licensing: Open license, Open Value, Open Value Subscription – Virtual Stock licensed to end customer, and is not tied to device – Please refer to Microsoft’s Product Use Rights document for more T&C. Activation & Download via VLSC. No physical media.

Bitdefender Consumer product range – ESD Licenses

AV01ZZCSN1204DEN Anti Virus 2 User
AV01ZZCSN1204BEN Anti Virus 5 User

IS01ZZCSN1201DEN Internet Sec 1 Device
IS01ZZCSN1203DEN Internet Security 2 Device
IS01ZZCSN1204BEN Internet Sec 3 Device
TS01ZZCSN1203BEN Internet Sec 5 Device

TS01ZZCSN1205BEN Total Security 3 Device
TS01ZZCSN1205BEN Total Security 5 Device

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