CD DVD Duplicators offers CD DVD duplicators (CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Burners) in South Africa for the media reproduction industry and educational institutions requiring a cost effective disc writing (burn) solution. CD DVD Duplicators allow you to save on outsourcing your disk duplication needs and doing your own disk duplication service in-house, using our standalone CD DVD duplicators.

CD DVD duplicators, allow you to burn multiple copies of a master disc to a number of writable blank discs simultaneously. These are fully standalone CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Burners, No PC or software is required to operate them.

CD DVD Duplicators:

Tower chassis & PSU
128Mb CONTROLLER (64-bit DDR2 memory & 32-bit CPU)
12 x high speed SATA CD/DVD burners
User manual

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compact disk

A CD DVD duplicator burns (writes) any data from a master CD or DVD to multiple CD or DVD in just a few minutes. These tower duplicators don’t connect to other devices – and operate completely independently.

CD DVD Tower duplicator features:

  • Manually operated tower CD DVD duplicator
  • SA manufacturer warranty
  • Local service support in South Africa.
  •  Easy 3 step operation. 
  • Tested and ready to operate out of the box.
If you are looking for a device that both prints directly onto CD DVD and burns data to disc – Please see the EPSON DiscProducer range.

Typical use

These systems solve the challenge of having to copy one disc at a time with a single disc burner. Tower CD DVD duplicators are ideal for creating multiple CD or DVD duplicates of, for example; recordings of church sermons, symposiums, educational audio or multi media, photo discs, music, audio recordings, event videos, training material, software updates & lots more!

Ideal for churches, event photographers, or training organizations; and companies that need to distribute audio training or audio visual training disks, manuals or instructional videos on CD or DVD, the distribution of audio books, music and many more applications.

A device that is easy to use

Disc duplication is as easy as switching the unit on, loading your master disc and the blank CDs or DVDs; and pressing one button – to duplicate up to 11 CDs or DVD in one duplication cycle, in just a few minutes.

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