Protect your critical systems and ensure continuous operations with these cost-effective backup power solutions.

We sell compact portable ECOFLOW and RCT inverter systems (backup inverter trolleys) for power backup during power outages. These are typically for people living in sectional title apartments/townhouses or houses, who do not want to install a fixed power backup solutions to the property, and are 12V or 24V based solutions delivering 220V power for essential loads.These systems you can take with you wherever you move. Some of these trolley inverters have built in solar controllers and can take up to 2 solar panels, which are an optional extra. The inverter is typically run off one or two replaceable deep cycle lead acid batteries (AGM). The batteries are sold with the trolley inverter, and the system is (plug and play) very easy to install.

Furthermore its essential to know in advance what essential loads you want on your inverter and the PV panels, or if you want to go completely off grid (the most costly option).

We also offer wall mountable Deye Sun and Luxpower inverters.

Typically anything with a heating element such as a toaster, microwave, electric oven or stove, electric kettle or electric geyser you would want to consider as a non essential load, and not connect it to a battery/inverter setup unless you specifically ordered a system big enough to carry these loads 24/7.

Rather consider installing a gas stove, oven, a stove top kettle, and a sun heated geyser instead, as this will reduce the size of the alternative power solution you need, and save you money.

Understanding batteries and load, and depth of discharge of batteries.

Load = total Watts of all devices you want to run off your system
Battery rating : A 5kW LiFePO4 battery can run a 200W load for 25 hours = 5000Whrs = 5 Units of electricity

Or a 5kW LiFePO4 battery can run 7W x 29 (7W LED light bulbs) for 24 hours = 4872Whrs

(provided it has a 100% depth of discharge. Typically this is only 90%. And the battery can’t provide more than 5000Whrs when fully charged)

Lead acid batteries (AGM) usually only have a 50% to 70% depth of discharge depending on their internal design. About half of the available capacity of the battery.

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